Friday, February 14, 2014

2014 MSSS Chess Championship - Under 18 Team Event Champions

The champion for Under 18 team event are MSSD Petaling Utama (PU) for the Boys section and MSSD Klang for the Girls section.

Boys (L18) Category

Roshan Singh helps his MSSD PU L18 team to win the Under 18 Boys category. His other team mates are Shivendran Gandhi, Ethan Wong Hsien Aun and Teh Zee Hoe. Like MSSD PP L12 team, the MSSD PU L18 team had a solid performance. They won 17/20 games and all their five rounds.

MSSD PU L18 team
(from left) Roshan, Ethan, Shivendran & Zee Hoe

Girlss (P18) Category

The fight is tough in the Under 18 Girls team event. MSSD Klang P18 team which comprises of Gan Xiang Hua, Sherene Kaur Seranna, Hong Hui Wen and Teo Sze Woon managed to edge MSSD PP P18 team even though having the same game (13) and match points (7).

MSSD Klang P18 team

Congratulation to both champion teams.

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