Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 MSSS Chess Championship - Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, 12th Feb 2014

The MSS Selangor chess championship for 2014 edition is entering its final day tomorrow. The championship started on Monday, 10th February. The championship is participated by 10 MSS districts and has six categories - Under 12, Under 15 and under 18 for each Boys and Girls sections. For each category there are four players for each districts. Mathematically, there are forty (40) participants for each category. Thus, since there are six categories, the total number of chess players compete in the championship is two hundreds forty (240). Each player will compete in two events - Individual and Team.

credit : Cikgu Ghalib

Today, the Individual event completed. The participants play seven (7) rounds of one-hour-per player game in the Individual event. The first two rounds of total five rounds of the Team event had been played today. Three more rounds will be held tomorrow, the final day. For this event, the game format is 30-minute-per-player. 

Below is the tentative schedule of the 2014 MSS Selangor chess championship being held at UKM Bangi.

The championship schedule

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