Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Play In The UPM Open This Sunday

What's your January 2013 national ratings? GiLoCatur's is 1428. That's mean GiLoCatur is eligible to take part in the nationally-rated UPM chess open to be held this Sunday. GiLoCatur can't wait to play chess in local tournament since the last one was about six weeks ago. 

Have you registered? GiLoCatur just sms-ed to register for the tournament a short while ago. The deadline for the registration is today, 14th March 2013. After this date, you still can register BUT you will have to pay more for the fee. OR your registration may not be accepted because the limit number of participants has been reached. 

Only Fahim will join GiLoCatur in the tournament. Both Fikri and Anis will not be playing since they are  not coming home this weekend.

To register, please sms your name to either Chek at 014-3276155 or Khoo at 016-8023844. Or you can also register via facebook. The facebook link is here.

UPM Chess Open basic info


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