Monday, February 18, 2013

The MSSS Chess Championship Is Here!

The MSSS Chess Championship comes again. It will start in less than 12 hours. For this year edition, where it will be held? In other words, where is the venue of the championship? Which PPD (District Education Office) will host the annual event? If you smart enough, you will find the answer in below picture. 

MSSS venue for the year 2013
Yes, you are right. An all-girl full boarding school or SBP in its Malay abbreviation named Sekolah Seri Puteri will host the 2013 MSSS chess championship. The school is located in Cyberjaya. Two hundreds and forty (240) young chess players from ten (10) PPDs in Selangor will compete in the championship to win 12 Gold medals - six in Individual event and six other in Team event. There are six categories in the championship - Under 12 Boys (L12), Under 12 Girls (P12), Under 15 Boys (L15), Under 15 Girls (P15), Under 18 Boys (L18) and Under 18 Girls (P18).

Two of GiLoCatur's children - Anis Fariha and Fahim Al-Faqeh, will take part in the championship. The former will compete in the P15 category representing PPD Kuala Selangor. Meanwhile, the latter will represent his PPD Petaling Perdana in the L12 category. Which PPD GiLoCatur will support and cheer? To be fair to both GiLoCatur's children, GiLoCatur will support and cheer both PPD Kuala Selangor and PPD Petaling Perdana. Actually, it is not only GiLoCatur who has this dilemma. Several other parents have their children representing in more than one PPD team.

GiLoCatur has been attending the MSSS chess championship as a parent for six consecutive years. The first one was in the 2008 edition. In that edition, GiLoCatur's eldest son was representing PPD Petaling Perdana in the L12 category. In the following year, GiLoCatur's only daughter joined her elder brother making her debut appearance in the championship. The 2011 edition was the most memorable one when GiLoCatur's youngest child joined his elder brother and sister in the championship. 

Below table provides the venue information for the MSSS chess championship over the last six years.  

The last six editions of MSSS chess championship
It is quite amazing that the last time PPD Sepang hosted the championship was also in the month of February. PPD Sabak Bernam had hosted the championship back-to-back in 2010 and 2011. GiLoCatur is hoping PPD Petaling Perdana who was the overall champion in the 2010 edition will host the championship next year since it has never been the host in the last six editions. 

GiLoCatur believes many parents who cannot attend the championship are eager to follow the event and to know the updates. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will try to update as often as possible. So, stay tune and follow GiLoCatur's twitter @GiLoCatur. 

2009 - Sepang

2011 - Sungai Besar

2012 - Kuala Selangor
Good luck to all the players competing in the 2013 MSSS chess championship!

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