Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MSSD Petaling Perdana U12 Team Winners

6th Feb 2013, Shah Alam - The Petaling Perdana District chess competition for the primary school i.e. Under 12 had ended yesterday. Nearly 250 primary school pupils took part in the scholastic chess tournament being held at the hall of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Seksyen 9.  

Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest child, also took part representing his school, SK Bukit Jelutong. Alhamdulillah, he was among the winners who received the medals from the Petaling Perdana education district officer. 

Below are the photos of the winners for the team category.

the Boys section

4th place - SK Seksyen 9 A

2nd Runner Up - Sri Kuala Lumpur A

1st Runner Up - SK Subang Jaya A

The champion - SK Bukit Jelutong A
(Fahim standing second from right)

the Girls section

4th place - SK Sri Serdang B

3rd place- SK Seksyen 9 A

2nd place - SK Sri Serdang A

The gold medal winner - SK Bukit Jelutong A
SK Bukit Jelutong had won the gold medal or emerged as champion in three out of four categories. It won both the team events - the Boys and the Girls. Its third gold medal was won in the Individual Boys category. The Individual Girls gold medal was won by SK Subang Jaya. 

GiLoCatur observed that the quality of the tournament has improved  drastically since more schools are serious about the championship. GiLoCatur noticed the presence of more chess coaches. If a couple years ago, an American guy could be seen among the parents and coaches, this time around GiLoCatur met an another American guy. The new American guy made his debut appearance and attendance accompanying his pupils of the Kingsley International school who took part in the MSSD chess championship for the first time.

Well done and tahniah to all the winners. Salute to all the accompanying teachers who take care and be patient with their energetic and active young chess players.  See you again in next year edition. 

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