Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5th NJCC - R1 Photo Gallery

The fifth edition of Malaysian NJCC or National Junior Chess Championship is being held at DAT Chess Center. Today is Day 2 of the tournament which format is nine SWISS rounds of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment. Two rounds completed yesterday on its Day 1. 

The tournament is divided into two sections - Boys and Girls. All the three children of GiLoCatur are taking part. Both Fikri and his younger brother, Fahim, are playing in the boys section. Fikri is seeded 18th out of total 56 participating boys with 1679 Elo rating. While Fahim is ranked 43rd with national ratings of 1370. Click here to see all the participants. 

GiLoCatur's only daughter, Anis Fariha, is one of nineteen (19) Malaysian juniors who take part in the girls category. With Elo ratings of 1573, Anis is the 8th seed. Go to this link to find out who is the top seed in the girls section.

Below are several photos of the 5th NJCC which GiLoCatur captured during the first round yesterday morning using BlackBerry. 

Best of Luck to all contestants especially GiLoCatur's children. Hopefully, they have better results than last year. For the record, Fikri was 12th, Anis was fourth and Fahim was 40th.

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