Friday, May 11, 2012

MSSWP 2012 Secondary School Individual Day 2 Update

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday 10th May 2012.

The 2012 MSSWP Chess Championship for the secondary school is entering its final stage. Today, three more rounds held making it total six rounds completed. The final seventh round will be played on the third day of the Individual event. 

So, who are the leaders after Round 6? Can they continue to win their final round to become the champions? 

In the L15 category, Faizal Roslan is the sole leader with 5.5/6 points. In the final round, his win over Tan Soon Wei at the top board will ensure him as the champion. The results of the top five boards will decide who are going to be on the podium. 

In the L18 category, Yeap Eng Chiam is the sole leader also with 5.5/6 points like Faizal. Eng Chiam will surely emerge as the champion if he wins over his opponent, Tan Jun Feng. Wong Jianwen who is ranked second with 5/6 points is paired with Albert Ang Keliang  who is ranked third and the highest 4.5 pointer at table no 2. Fikri Saleh is playing white at table no 3 against Shawn Edgar Miranda. Both are also 4.5 pointers. Other two 4.5 pointers are Chong Yan Meng and Gabriel Soong Mun Hey. They face each other at table no 4. What would be their match up results? Stay tune to find out.

Camelia Johari is the sole leader in the P15 section. She has 5.5/6 points. Four others are trailing half point. She will be declared as the champion provided that she wins over her opponent, Chua Yee Ler. At table no 2, Tan Li Ting is challenged by Natasha Kavina. Another 5/6 pointer, Siti Nadia Qarmila will play white against her opponent at table no 3. Can Yee Ler deny Camelia to be the champion? The answer will be known after the final round completes.

It is quite interesting in the P18 category. GiLoCatur was wrong in the prediction that Pavitranayagi would have full points.She shares 5.5/6 points with Eunice Quah Yoo Li but has better tie break. Both of them will face each other at the top board in the final round to decide who will become the champion. It will be a 5-pointer battle at table no 2 between Low Pei Zhen and Zulaikha Noor Azam. Meanwhile, table no 3 and no 4 will be match ups between 4.5/6 pointers.

MSSWP Chess Championship for secondary school 2012 edition will end tomorrow on Friday, 11th May. Some players including Fikri have camped at Sekolah Aminuddin Baki for the whole week. Some others were only playing in the team event while some others have participated only in the individual event for three days. It is a new experience for GiLoCatur following very closely and being part of the championship. GiLoCatur salutes MSSWP for the fast update on the pairings, results and interim rankings on the net. 

GiLoCatur is very proud being the parent of Fikri because he has led and helped his school chess team making a history in MSSWP Chess. GiLoCatur prays to the mighty Allah for Fikri to be among the winners in the individual event.

See you guys at the closing ceremony expected to begin at 11.00 am.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Fikri on being no. 3 in B18!


GiLoCatur said...

You are very welcome, Mr Wong!