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MSSWP 2012 Secondary School Individual Day 1 Update

KUALA LUMPUR, 9th May 2012.

Today is the first day of the Secondary School Individual Event for the MSSWP Chess Championship held at Sekolah Aminuddin Baki, Kampung Pandan. 232 KL school pupils from five zones are taking part in the championship in four different categories - L18, L15, P18 and P15. L stands for Boys while P stands for Girls. Both L18 and P18 are Form 4 and Form 5 players while both L15 and P15 are players who are in Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3. In short, the former is for higher secondary while the latter is for lower secondary.

GiLoCatur is very impressed with MSSWP for quickly publishing the Interim Ranking and pairings in its blog. Not only players but also parents can check the pairing for tomorrow from their home or hostel. It is good that MSSWP uses the internet and latest IT technology for its activities. Kudos to MSSPK (Perak) also for publishing its chess championship results at the website as per here. GiLoCatur wishes that all the MSS states in Malaysia do the same thing.

Back to MSSWP Chess Championship ...

Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest son, who is this year in Form 4 is playing in the L18 category. He is joined by four of his school mates in this chess championship. Alhamdulillah, so far so good for him. Having national rating of 1600 Fikri is ranked seventh in his category. He won all his rounds today. He is among six players with full 3/3 points. Surprisingly to GiLoCatur, Fikri is ranked second after Round 3 after Eng Chiam among the full pointers due to better tie break.

Top 10 Rank after Round 3 for L18 category

Tomorrow, the "Big Boys" battle will begin. In Round 4, Fikri is paired against the top seed and one of the favourites to become the champion in L18 category, Jianwen at the top board. Fikri will play white while Jianwen will play black. At Board 2, Eng Chiam is challenged by Andrew Soong of SMK Wangsa Melawati. At the third table, it will be a repeat match between Soon Heng and Ken Yew in the Pudu Zone last month. Who will emerge victorious? Or will they draw again?

L15 Category

There are five players with full 3/3 points in this category including the top seed. Faizal Roslan. He will be challenged by Ting Yan of SMK Victoria who had won over Aziz Farhan in the third round at the top board. Can Faizal cruise through the next round with perfect score? At Table #2. Dilwen will play white against Yap Egin. Both of them are from Methodist school but different one.

P18 Category

In P18 category, GiLoCatur believes Pavitranayagi will cruise through to the next round with perfect score. Her opponent tomorrow morning will be Avitra Dhivia from SMK Seri Bintang Selatan. Another perfect scorer match up is between Zulaikha and Eunice at Table #2. Another five players are trailing half point. 

P15 Category

In the P15 category, both Li Ting and Camelia are still on course winning their respective rounds. Both of them are leading another five full pointers. GiLoCatur predicts that both of them will meet each other in the sixth round. Or will there be any upset?

Good Luck! to all the players in the MSSWP Chess Championship (Secondary School) tomorrow especially to Fikri and his other four ASiS gang.

The Girls section

The Boys section

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