Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Update On Universiade Shenzen 2011 Chess Event

In the women event, the champion or gold medallist will be decided by the top three boards. As per shown by  below ranking after Round 8, IM Irina Vasilevich from Rusia is leading five 6 pointers by half point. If she wins against IM Batkhuyag Munguntuul of Mongolia, she will surely win the gold medal. But if she draws, the tie break will determine who is the winner provided that there is a winner at the other two top boards (i.e. board 2 and board 3). For info, at board 2, WGM Tan Zhongyi from China will play white against IM Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine who Nur Shazwani had beaten in the first round. At board 3, another China versus Ukraine match  between WGM Huang Qian (white) and WIM Olga Kalinina (black). These two games are very important for both China and Ukraine since the results will be counted for the team event.

So, what is the score for the Malaysian women players before the final round?  Shazwani has collected 4 points from 3 wins and 2 draws. She is ranked 30th. Felicia is ranked 54th, Pang is placed 56th and Norhaida is at 60th place. All the three of them has scored 2.5 points.

It is very obvious that GM Li Chao of China has won the gold medal in the men event. He has unassailable 7.5/8 points. Li Chao, a DATMO champion, won all his rounds except the second round where he drew with an Ukrainian opponent. At 49th rank, Xin Hao has scored 4 points. Both Au and Fadzil has 3.5 points while Siah has accumulated 3 points. In the final round, Xin Hao has a tough match against an Indonesian International Master (IM). Both Au and Fadzil will face unrated opponents while Siah will have 2100-rated opponent.

Hopefully, all the Malaysian players will win their respective final round on Sunday.

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