Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swensen's (Merdeka) Age Group Rapid Open - Under 10

There was a slight change in the info as per reported earlier regarding the top seeds in the U10 category. Wong Yinn Loong was actually playing in the U12 category. So, the MSS Selangor L12 player, 10-year-old Yee Jian Yang became the top seed followed by Ng Jen Sheng who is rated at 1501.

So, who emerged the winner in this category? Jian Yang was defeated by Lau Matthew from Singapore in the final round. With 5/6 points and Buchholz tie break of 24.5, he was placed sixth. Meanwhile, Jen Shen stopped another Singaporean player named Lew Zhi Hong from winning one-two placings.  

Fahim (left) vs Jian Yang (right) in the fifth round
On his left is Jen Shen (yellow jacket)

Fahim (above picture), GiLoCatur's youngest son, took part in this event. Seeded 14th, he won all his first four rounds. In the fifth round, he lose to Jian Yang at the top table. Even though he won the final round and had 5/6 points, he was not on the podium since the winners medal is only for the top seven placings. Fahim was among ten players who scored 5/6 points but had lower tie break. He was placed tenth. 

Even though there were 12 Iranian and 7 Singaporean youngsters took part in the U10 category, Fahim played against only one of them. In the second round, Fahim played black against Singaporean Kow Jonathan. The match was the longest for him and among the last ones to finish. It was unfortunate for Fahim to not play against the Iranian youngsters as this will give him different experience, exposure and perspective.

Below is the final ranking of the top 20.

U10 category Top 20 Final Ranking

To view the complete final ranking list, go to this link.

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