Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lempeng Kelapa, Is It Good For A Chess Player?

Lempeng Kelapa?

What is that? GiLoCatur believes many young Malaysians including GiLoCatur's children  never taste this Malay food? GiLoCatur had never tasted or eaten Lempeng Kelapa or Malay pancake for a very long time until last week. GiLoCatur used to have such food for a breakfast during childhood in the 70s and 80s.

Where GiLoCatur had Lempeng Kelapa last week? While having an assignment at a customer office in Port Klang last week, GiLoCatur went to a nearby food court. Entering the food court, GiLoCatur's noticed some people were having the Malay pancake for breakfast. Quickly without hesitation, GiLoCatur ordered it. While enjoying it, GiLoCatur was wondering "Can the Malaysian young chess players who eat Lempeng Kelapa become world chess champions or masters?" Is the Malaysian food one of the reasons why Malaysia still has not have a chess grandmaster (GM)? Does Datuk Nicol David eat Malaysian food? If she does, how she can become a world champion? Have you thought about this?

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