Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chess Events On 28th May 2011

Come 28th May which falls on Saturday this weekend, the following chess events will be held

Venue : Zone C, Hang Jebat Stadium, Krubong, Malacca

In the historic state of Malacca, a chess event will be held in conjunction with JOM GEMPAU Carnival. A chess rapid of six Swiss rounds will be part of the carnival. The champion for this chess tournament will receive FIVE HUNDREDS Malaysian ringgits. After the Rapid tourney which is expected to complete by 5 O'clock, there would be a Blitz event for those who like to challenge their quickness in chess. TWO HUNDREDS FIFTY Malaysian ringgits is for the champion. Hurry up! Only 150 participants may enter the tournament and today is the deadline. Let's go to Malacca and play chess. Click here to download the entry form and details. 

For chess lovers and enthusiasts in northern states especially Perlis, no need to drive long hours to Malacca because a chess tournament, PACU Chess Open,  is scheduled on the same day in Perlis. Seven G/25 Swiss rounds will be held at SMK Syed Hassan, Kangar for the first 100 participants. The tournament can be a warm up for all state MSS chess players especially of Perlis and Kedah. To register online, please visit Syed Chess blog.

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