Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Report For Jakarta (3)

GiLoCatur had arrived back home about eight hours ago. Still feeling tired after spending four days in Jakarta both watching the 17th Asian Cities Chess Championship and exploring the city. It was a wonderful experience for GiLoCatur and family especially in attending an international chess tournament. 

Six rounds had been played. Three more rounds to go. 24 teams from 17 different ASIAN countries including Malaysia are taking part. 116 chess players including 10 from Malaysia are among the participants of the 17th edition vying for the Dubai Cup. 54 title players plus 4 Candidate Masters that include 18 Grandmasters and 2  WGMs are among the contestants spicing up the event. For GiLoCatur, GM Li Chao and Wesley So are the main attraction for the event. It would be more interesting and attractive if both GM Liem and GM Truong Son from Vietnam and GM Parimarjan from India could participate.

So, which team is leading at the moment? How the stars fared so far? Is there any upset? How the two Malaysian teams are doing?

Ranking after Round 6 -

Shi Jiazhuang, a team from China that includes GM Li Chao, is leading the pack at this moment. Li Chao's sterling 5.5/6 score helps the team to the perfect six wins with the full 12 points. GM Wesley So and his  second-seed Tagaytay team from Philippines is at the fourth place after losing twice to Palembang (Indonesia) and Astana (Kazakhstan) in the second and fourth round respectively. It is quite a rare occasion where a near-2700-FIDE-rated So had a defeat by 300-lower-rated opponent. Can Tagaytay recover in the last three rounds to climb up the ladder to earn the second spot? Can any other team stop Shi Jiazhuang to claim the championship?  

As for the Malaysian teams, Penang had won 2 and drew 1. Astana from Kazakhstan, Yangon from Myanmar and Erdenet from Mongolia were the three teams that a bit stronger team to beat for Penang. But it is an outstanding feat for Eng Chiam who drew with his Myanmar International Master opponent. He also drew with the 2400-rated Fide Master from Mongolia.

Meanwhile, Putrajaya team that includes Anis as the player placed last after just manage a draw against Seoul from Korea. Pavitranayagi and Andi Hartarto managed to score 2/6 and 2.5/6 points so far while the other three players - Anis, Nur Faqihah and Iman Sofea, have not won a single game. The three of them are among 15 participants who are unrated. Hope they can learn as much as possible and gain lots experience and exposure from the the tournament.

Round 7 Team Pairings -

In the next seventh round to start in one hour and a half, on the top board, Shi Jiazhuang will play against Tagaytay. It will be an interesting match on the top board between GM Yu Yangyi and GM Wesley So, two super GMs. Can So recovers from tiredness to show his chess brilliance against his equally strong opponent?

Penang will face the all-women Tarakan team from Indonesia led by WGM Irene Sukandar while Putrajaya will challenge the 17th seed, Sharjah team from UAE. BEST OF LUCK to both Malaysian teams.

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