Sunday, April 24, 2011

GiLoCatur Had Landed In Jakarta

"Selamat Datang ke Jakarta, Pak!"

GiLoCatur was greeted when came out from AirAsia flight QZ 7695 and walking to Jakarta International Airport yesterday at around 7.30 o'clock. Yes, GiLoCatur had arrived (had landed) in Jakarta with wife and Fahim. It is GiLoCatur's first visit to Jakarta; not Indonesia. Actually, GiLoCatur had visited Indonesia twice - both to Sumatera. When was that? The first one was in 1974 when GiLoCatur was six years old via sea. The second visit was in 1994 (if not mistaken) via plane. Both visits were to a small village called Pulau Belimbiong, where both GiLoCatur's parents were born in 1917 and 1930.

GiLoCatur comes to Jakarta because to give moral support to Anis who is participating in the 17th Asian Cities Chess Championship being held in the city from 21st to 29th April. Anis plays for PUTRAJAYA team which is one of the 24 participating teams in the tournament. 

Fahim enjoying his first TRANSJAKARTA ride ...
From the airport, GiLoCatur went straight to Kartika Chandra  Hotel by a taxi which cost IDR 180,000. Since Anis was not playing in the third round, we met her at the lobby. After catching up with her for a couple of hours, GiLoCatur, wife and Fahim went to the hotel booked which is located quite far from the tournament's hotel. During the stay in Jakarta, GiLoCatur stays at IBIS Kemayoran Hotel that offers better price. The hotel is located in the northern part of the city. 

GiLoCatur is not worried about the taxi fare commuting to the tournament's hotel because the much cheaper TRANSJAKARTA will be the mode of transportation. Furthermore, sightseeing in Jakarta is much better using the busway. 

Today, which is Sunday, is the rest day. The tournament organizer had arranged a sightseeing activity for the participants and their accompanying party. GiLoCatur also joined the activity. GiLoCatur would like to share the following unique stall. Look delicious huh! Sure, it is. When you come to Jakarta, make sure you taste it once.  

Room 420
IBIS Jakarta Kemayoran


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Selamat berjaya kepada anak dan Pak Haji Gilocatur di Jakarta.

svguna said...

Semoga sukses di jakarta Pak....

GiLoCatur said...

Terima kasih Hairulov & Guna.

Insya Allah, harap2 begitu. for Malaysian chess!

Keep your support! Keep your contribution in chess!