Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GiLoCatur's Personal Blitz Rivalry

"Siapalah agaknya mamat sibaju orange yang mendabik dada di atas tu? Mentang2 dah 'takano den'"

"Aik ... lama termenung tu bang ... ingat boleh sayurkan aku semudah macam dulu ke? Walaupun National Rating aku lebih rendah hampir 400 point, pantang 'ughang awak' menyerah kalah."

"Alamak! Nak kena checkmate la ..."

Someone had provoked and challenged GiLoCatur for blitz games during the recent KL Junior Chess Championship. At the end of the first day of the tournament, GiLoCatur accepted the challenge. We had two 10-minute and one 5-minute blitz games. The last time we played was last year somewhere in March at the Goldcourse Hotel, Klang. GiLoCatur was easily beaten then.

With the comparison of the latest MCF rating (Jan 2010), between him (1561) and GiLoCatur (1172) it is logical enough that GiLoCatur would lose. BUT, given time and lots of blitz practice and sparring session it would be possible that finally victory will come. At least, GiLoCatur managed to make the fella had deep and longer thought several times during the games. And up to the middle game, GiLoCatur had better time control. So, for this year mission, besides improving the national rating, GiLoCatur wants to beat that fella in blitz.

Wanna know who the fella is whom GiLoCatur has blitz rivalry???

He is non other than ... and the only ...

[ This entry is written in Room #1203, Muar Traders Hotel ]

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