Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family Vacation To Penang

Me and my family have just arrived home from a vacation to Penang. We left home on Wednesday morning at around 9 am. We stopped to have our lunch at Sungai Perak R&R. At around two, we arrived at Bukit Mertajam and checked in at the Bukit Mertajam Summit Hotel. I booked and chose the hotel because it is a family type and the price is very reasonable.

After resting a while we started our first visit. We planned to go to the Fisheries Aquarium located at Batu Maung. Unfortunately, it was closed since. Then we went to the War Museum which is located not far from the Aquarium. Actually, it was not in our plan. It turned out to be memorable and fun since we could experience, learn and see lots of the past and history especially during the war of World War II i.e. the Japanese invasion.

The most memorable act that we all did was climbing up the escape tunnel to the top. Even Fahim, my youngest six-year-old son could do it. Besides that the communication tools during that era really fascinated me.

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