Thursday, August 10, 2017

MSSM Chess Championship 2017 - Part 2

The Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur dominance in the L15 Individual event of the 2017 MSSM Chess Championship has been broken. Sarawak has joined Pulau Pinang to dominate the Top Final Ranking for this category in this year edition. 

photo credit to Shin Azwan FB

Pulau Pinang has won the Gold medal and Bronze medal in this event. Wong Yinn Long, which is a FM, has emerged as the champion after scoring 5.5/6 points. Muhammad AlFaiz Daud from Sarawak has won the Silver medal after having better Tie Break than Tan Jun Ying of Pulau Pinang. Both have the same 4.5/6 points.

AlFaiz has impressive wins especially against Hafizuddin Zulkifli of WP Putrajaya and Thang Kit Han of Kedah. GiLoCatur hopes Sarawak can nurture further AlFaiz since GiLoCatur believes he has potential to go far in chess.

Another player from Sarawak is Fourth place losing 1 point on Tie Break 1 to Jun Ying. Surprisingly, none from both Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur is among the Top 10 Final Ranking. GiLoCatur believes both Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur focus on the L15 Team event. 

Based on the past records, even though Selangor and WP Kuala Lumpur strategize placing their best L15 players in the Team event, their players were still in the Top 10 Final Ranking. Obviously, other states are catching up very well and this is a good sign for the Malaysian chess community. 

Top 10 Final Ranking in the L15 Individual Event
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Congratulation to all the winners especially to the Gold medalist and the champion in this category, Wong Yinn Long.

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