Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MASUM 2017 - Part 1

Wow! GiLoCatur had not updated this blog more than a month already. Unbelievable.

How time flies. The year 2017 is entering its final half. Today GiLoCatur has to take some time to update on MASUM 2017 Chess Championship which is in its third day. Round 6 is on-going. GiLoCatur anxiously following the match between GiLoCaturs only daughter ie Anis Fariha representing her UiTM who is playing on top board against on-fire Alia from UM. It is really an uphill battle for Anis since her opponent Alia has defeated both Nabila and Najiha. Anyway ALL THE BEST TO GILOCATUR'S DAUGHTER ANIS FARIHA!

The final 7th round will kick off tomorrow. 

Board 1 Perempuan category of MASUM 2017
photo credit to : Nass Siro

Round 6 Pairings Top 4 Boards MASUM 2017 Perempuan Event
click here for full pairings

To see the full pairings and results for MASUM 2017 Chess Championship please go to the following URLs

the PEREMPUAN category

the LELAKI category

Up to the fifth round, the UiTM Women MASUM 2017 chess team is leading with 15.5 points..

Team Ranking for Perempuan category
MASUM 2017
for full list click here

Subway Bangunan UOA

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