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Syabas & Tahniah Yeoh Li Tian! You Make the Malaysian Chess Community Proud

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate Yeoh Li Tian for his feat and achievement winning the Zone 3.3 Chess Championship. Li Tian has emerged as the champion in the tournament's Open Section held in Tagatay, Philippines from 24th February until 6th March 2017.

It was a coincidence that GiLoCatur was at KLIA 2 flying to Kota Kinabalu when Li Tian arrived home from the championship. It was a great moment for GiLoCatur having the opportunity to welcome Li Tian home after winning the championship, the first ever by Malaysian chess player.

When GiLoCatur knew about Li Tian and his talent in chess?

MSSS 2008 L12 Individual winners

The above picture taken during the MSS Selangor chess championship in April 2008 provides the answer for the above question. Aged nine years old then, Li Tian emerged as the champion for MSSS L12 Individual. The chess championship is also the first MSSS editions that GiLoCatur attended.

GiLoCatur did write about Li Tian here in late April 2008 as one of the four under 12-years-old Players to Watch. Surely enough, nine years later Li Tian is getting closer and closer to become the Grandmaster (GM), most probably the first one for Malaysia. 

Another moment that GiLoCatur remembers about Li Tian is when GiLoCatur was crushed by him at one local chess tournaments in 2008 with Bishops.

Li Tian with the Zone 3.3 Chess Championship Champion Trophy
 at KLIA 2 Arrival Hall

GiLoCatur selfie in front of the Champion during the Interview with AI Chess

A Photo of GiLoCatur with the Champion, Li Tian

Harman of AI Chess Interviewing the Champion, Li Tian

In the championship, Li Tian has scored 7/9 points from five wins and four draws. He had played against three GMs from three different countries - GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son from Vietnam in the third Round, GM Antonio Rogelio Jr from Philippines and GM Susanto Megaranto from Indonesia. 

Full results at

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Put the great achievement of Li Tian aside, GiLoCatur is puzzled why Malaysia does not send at least one of its current Top Malaysian female players, the Malaysian 2016 Woman National Champion for example, to the Zone 3.3 Chess Championship in the Women's Section. Having achieved the best result thus far in the last World Chess Olympiad, one of the Malaysian Women 2016 World Chess Olympiad team members deserved to be given a chance to participate in the Zone 3.3 Chess Championship.

Three of the current Malaysian Top 5 Women players and 2016 Malaysian World Women Chess Olympiad team in the FIDE Ranking were in GiLoCatur's Players To Watch List (as per in below picture) nine years ago. They are Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (2031), Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (2013) and Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar (1954).

MSSS 2008 P12 Winners

SYABAS & TAHNIAH, LI TIAN! Not forgetting the key and main factor behind Li Tian's success, GiLoCatur congratulates his parents for sure. BRAVO and KUDOS to Mr Yeoh Chin Seng and his wife, Mrs Yeoh aka Ong Pek Yean. Well Done!

Shah Alam
Thursday, 16/3/2017, 9:08 AM

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