Thursday, July 21, 2016

TYM 20 on World Chess Day

21/7/2016, Shah Alam

A couple of hours before the 20th day of July 2016 which is the World Chess Day ends, a mini chess tournament which is popularly known as TYM was held at Young Chess Masters (YCM) center. This TYM is a bit special because three visiting Indonesian chess players took part. They are FM Hamdani Rudin, FM Prayitno Sugeng and Iqra Moesa Putra.

Below are several photos of the TYM.

The Final Ranking

The Malaysian chess players ready to challenge the visiting Indonesian chess players

Indonesian Iqra (right in black shirt)

Malaysian Masrin (left) versus Indonesian Hamdani (right)

FM Hamdani as the guest honor signed the YCM bunting

Memorable experience with the visiting Indonesian chess players


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