Monday, March 14, 2016

The Story of NAG2016 - Part 2

Monday, 14/3/2016

Today is the last day of the NAG2016 chess championship. Waiting Anis and Fahim playing against their respective opponents in the tournament hall, GiLoCatur enters the UTP's library located opposite the hall to write in this blog.

Entering the final two rounds is very crucial to all the participating players especially on the top boards. Winning these two rounds will provide better ranking and give better chance for being on the podium in the prize giving ceremony. 

The results for Boys U6, Boys U8, Girls U6 and Girls U8 categories have been out. Let's look at them.

Under 6 age group category

Boys category

Girls category

The total of five players take part in each Under 6 age group category. Thus, it is a round robin for this group category. In the Boys section, Megat Musa is the leader. He has won all his matches thus far. GiLoCatur believes Megat Musa shall emerge as the champion since he is leading 1.5 point with one more round to play.

In the Girls section, two players have same 3/4 points. They are Afiqah Zahra and Aghalya Tiaana. The former is leading for having better tie-break which is direct encounter. 

Under 8 age group category

Boys category

Girls category

Forty players take part in the Boys section. Up to Round 7, no one has the full point. Leading the pack after Round 7 is the 16th seed, Syed Firdaus Asyraaf. Trailing half-point are three players from Penang. Can Syed Firdaus win his final game and emerge as the champion? Or can Ferris Lim stop Syed Fidaus from winning the championship? 

What a final round game for both of them.

As typical it is the boys age group outnumber the girls age group, only eleven participants in the Girls section for U8 age group category. Farah Liana won all her games accumulating full point ie 7/7. She is leading by two points. Entering her final round, Farah Liana has a huge advantage to win the Girls Under 8 age group title.

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