Friday, August 14, 2015

GACC 2016

The 19th edition is still fresh in GiLoCatur's memory, the 20th edition is coming around. What GiLoCatur is talking about? It is GACC or Grand Asian Chess Challenge. The first edition was held twenty years ago in 1996 the year in which Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest child, was born. He took part in his first GACC last year while he was 18 years and 2 months old.

GACC logo

20th GACC 

How Fikri fared in the 19th GACC? He won three, drew five and lost one game. He scored 5.5/9 points ranked 22nd out of total 112 participants. The Top 10 Final Ranking was dominated by players from foreign universities.

Fikri and his UiTM chess team mates in GACC 2015

GiLoCatur hopes that more local players will be among the Top 10. So, practice and be prepared from now!

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