Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Chess Olympiad - Kick Off

GiLoCatur is excited to follow the 2014 Chess Olympiad which will kick off today at 3.00 PM Tromso's time. Since Tromso is behind six hours of the Malaysian time, it means that the first round kick off will at 9.00 PM Malaysian time. 

That means, GiLoCatur can follow the event closely from home. 

The team pairings for the first round has been published in the So, what the opponents for the Malaysian teams would be? 

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Our Men's team is paired against the 16th seed which is SPAIN. Based on average ratings, it would be 2100 versus 2600. 500 ratings difference. Ofcourse, it would be an uphill battle. But anyway, as the popular saying, "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN".

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Whereas, our Women's team is paired against FRANCE, GiloCatur's favourite World Cup team. France which is the 9th seed in the women's section has the average ratings of 2389. 

BEST OF LUCK to both Malaysian teams. Give the best fight. Do not give respect too much to the opponents.  

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