Saturday, July 19, 2014

New MCF Ratings Has Come Out

This morning GiLoCatur was just thinking about the latest release of MCF Chess Ratings. It is not GiLoCatur's latest ratings that is very important. It is the ratings of GiLoCatur's children that is more important. 

So, what are their latest ratings? Have their ratings improved? 

Alhamdulillah, the ratings of all the three GiLoCatur's children have improved. Meaning, all their ratings are PLUSes. 

Fikri, the eldest child, has gained 32 points. His latest MCF ratings is 1727. He has moved up to the Top 200 among the Malaysian male chess players. In the last release, Fikri was 248th. Fikri is short 24 points to reach 1750 mark in the National ratings. 

Anis Fariha, the sole daughter, has gained 40 points. Her latest MCF ratings is 1487. She has moved up to the Top 150 among the Malaysian female chess players. 

Fahim Al-Faqeh, the youngest child, who will be sitting for UPSR exam in less than two months has gained 101 points. He is short 31 points to surpass the 1650 mark as his 2014 chess mission. He has made the tremendous leap in the Top Malaysian Male chess players listing.

Hopefully, all the three GiLoCatur's children still have the passion in chess. Without it, GiLoCatur can not help them much to propel in the chess ladder.

How about GiLoCatur's national ratings? Since GiLoCatur had not participated in any nationally-rated chess tournament, no changes to GiLoCatur's national ratings.

What is your new national ratings? Check it out here.

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