Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sepang Chess Rapid Open - 1

Desa Putra, Sepang
Saturday 21/12/2013

GiLoCatur and family is currently at the venue of the Sepang Rapid Open chess championship. The fourth round is currently on-going. After Round 3, three players are leading with three full points. They are Castellano Christopher of Phillipines, Li Tian and Hairul Abdul Hamid, a Malaysian chess blogger. Both Li Tian and Castellano are playing on the top board while Hairul is challenged by Ian Udani on second board.

the championship's banner

Ian Udani (white) vs Hairul (black)

Top seed, Castellano (black) vs Li Tian (white)

All GiLoCatur's children are among 40+ participants. Fikri who just completed his SPM examination last month is playing his second tournament after after taking a break for several months. He continues his good momentum after winning the Under 18 category two weeks ago collecting 2 and 1/2 points. He is playing  white on the third board. Nationally-Rated at 1624, Fikri is the 20th seed. 

the results of Round 3 

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