Sunday, April 21, 2013

GiLoCatur's Photo Gallery @ Zarul Shafiq's Wedding Reception

It is Saturday, 20th April 2013.

If not mistaken, today is the 27th anniversary for one of the Malaysian chess couple or parent, Cikgu Zullkafli and Cikgu Sufiah. Happy Anniversary! And today is also the wedding reception for their eldest child, Cikgu Zarul Shafiq who is also the elder brother of NM Zarul Shazwan and WCM & NWM Dr Nur Shazwani.

GiLoCatur, wife, Anis and Fahim attended the wedding ceremony held in Bukit Beruntong. Below are some photos taken during the wedding reception.

the hosts & GiLoCatur's family

some guests at the reception

"chess" guests

Big congratulation to Zarul Shafiq & his newly wedded wife

The bride's father, Cikgu Zull

simple-yet-elegant guest tents
Both GiLoCatur and Anis are very impressed with the theme especially the guest tents and tables. It has the chess elements. 

Cikgu Zull & GiLoCatur

Cikgu Zull & Cikgu Sufi's daughter-in-law

Amira Syahmina (ex-SEMASHUR) & Anis Fariha (KUSESS)

Cikgu Sufiah & GiLoCatur's wife

As GiLoCatur sees it, the year 2013 is a very meaningful year not only for GiLoCatur and wife but also for both Cikgu Zull and Cikgu Sufi. Besides this reception, InsyaAllah, both of them are being called to perform the Hajj pilgrimge to Makkah this year.

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