Thursday, September 6, 2012

40th Istanbul Chess Olympiad - Round 8

It is 1.10 am o'clock right now. GiLoCatur is still awake following the Malaysian teams playing the eighth round.

In the women section, Malaysia is paired against Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH) at table number 26. On paper, Malaysia has lower chance to win the match since its ranking is much lower than its opponent. Malaysia is ranked 83rd while Bosnia & Herzegovina is the 39th seed.

But with the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh", Najiha, Nabila, Li Ting and Camilia had made Malaysia proud by winning over their opponents 3 to 1. 

Playing on board 4, Camilia made her 200-ratings-higher opponent resign at move 26th. Her win gave Malaysia one important point. 

Board 4
Malaysia was up 2 - 0 when later Najiha upset her WIM opponent. It is really a big win for her since she beats a 400-rating-higher opponent. GiLoCatur was confident that Najiha would win after 41st move she gained winning advantage.

Board 1

When Malaysia was up 2 - 0, a crucial half point would seal the victory for Malaysia. It was a suspense moment whether both Nabila and Li Ting could at least draw against their respective opponent. Then Nabila who also played on board 2 in the 39th Moscow Chess Olympiad made sure that Malaysia won when she drew with her WFM opponent, Aleksandra Dimitrijevic. 

Board 2
Board 3
Li Ting made the victory for the Malaysian women squad sweeter when she also drew with her rated-at-2066 WFM opponent, Dijana Dengler. 

It was an excellent performance indeed. GiLoCatur wishes that  the Malaysian electronic and print media write about this. 

Syabas & tahniah! Keep it up. 

It was a double joy for Malaysia since its men's team had thrashed Libya with 3.5 - 1 score. 

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