Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Flashback (Part 2)

This is the first entry in the year of 2012. The entry is about the visits statistics of this blog in the year 2011.

GiLoCatur uses three different counter services to keep track the number of visitors to this blog. They are widgeo, sitemeter and statcounter. Serious bloggers monitor and keep track the visits information and data to help them improve the content of their blogs.

So, let's take a look at GiLoCatur's Blog visits statistics.

From the above Sitemeter's Visits By Month chart and data, it is very obvious that the top month is December. June is next followed by March. GiLoCatur's blog had more than 3,000 visits only twice - in December and in June. 

Below StatCounter's chart and data confirm and verify the visits pattern and trend. Why GiLoCatur's Blog received many visitors in December 2011; BUT not in December 2010? Why in June and March every year, the number of visitors are high? 

The answers are:

There are several chess tournaments held in December 2011 where GiLoCatur had covered or wrote about the majority of them. The Penang Open was held in the first week. Then the Sarawak Open in the second week followed by the 4th NJCC in the third week. In the fourth week, there was the 8th Singapore International Chess Festival. 

GiLoCatur wrote 20 and 38 entries each in November and December last year respectively. But ZERO and only 16 in the same months in 2010. GiLoCatur was in Mecca to perform the pilgrimage or Hajj in the whole month of November and first week of December in 2010.

MSSM Chess Championship is normally held in June while NAG (the National Age Group) is in March. These two tournaments are the main attraction for the Malaysian chess followers and enthusiasts. All the Malaysian chess bloggers should take note of this fact. The coverage on such chess tournaments should be done as best as possible.

Based on the statistics, the average visits to GiLoCatur's Blog is about 2,500 per month. The blog had more First Time visits than Returning visits.

GiLoCatur would like to SAY THANK YOU very much to all the visitors and readers. Positive and constructive feedbacks are very welcome. 

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